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slowing down a trolling motor [View all]
My Minn Kota model 35 runs too fast at the lowest speed for my little aluminum boat. Does anyone know a good way to modify it to run slower on the lo
PeteFeb-27-00 01:25 PM
by Terry G.
Replies to this topic:
slowing down the trolling motor, Terry G., Feb 27th 2000, #1

What is a Ronki? [View all]
I saw this fish mentioned on the saltwater reports board. What is a Ronki? Is that a nickname? What does the fish look like (size, shape, color, et
KevFeb-24-00 05:45 AM
by Ed Mcgarvey
Replies to this topic:
Ronki?, Ed Mcgarvey, Feb 24th 2000, #1

Rallys2000 @ Lake Morena [View all]
Any one coming South for the Lake Morena Rallys2000 event on March 25th? You can check out the goings on at www.tacklepro.com/Tu bbyTuber.htm<BR>Rob, J
Sir DinkFeb-13-00 07:29 PM
by Rob
Replies to this topic:
Thanks, Rob, Feb 13th 2000, #1

Just Fishin' Stuff [View all]
Rob,<BR>Just a few thoughts, so here goes. I heard Rich Zelinga got a 9-pounder out of Margarita on crank. Rich is a Cal Poly graduate!!!Go Mustangs.
Matt PetersFeb-07-00 10:24 AM
by Rob
Replies to this topic:
Petes, Rob, Feb 07th 2000, #1

B-n-T 2K Schedule [View all]
Hello everybody, Always seem to be a good opener of the season. Smallies, Spots, & the Green ones... <BR>February 26, 27. two days at Lake Nasimento.
joeyJan-13-00 08:49 AM
by joey

Posting Ads on message Boards [View all]
Rob as you know we are an advertising supported website. We have about 30 message board forums running, we set one board aside to serve the needs of o
MelJan-07-00 09:18 AM
by Rob
Replies to this topic:
ok, Rob, Jan 07th 2000, #1

Oceanside in March [View all]
Would appreciate any info on surffishing, jetty or pier options for early March in the Oceanside area. 1st time going there for serious fishing attemp
Tom RiceJan-01-00 09:41 AM
by Tom Rice

Happy New Year everyone (NM) [View all]
Happy New Year Everyone
DinkDec-31-99 03:04 PM
by Dink

robbie boy Belloni is 21 [View all]
Happy Birthday Roberto!!!I had fun at your party, at least I think I remember having fun. But the deal is, why aren't there any good looking girls in
Matt PetersDec-09-99 01:50 PM
by Dink
Replies to this topic:
Belated B-day, Dink, Dec 09th 1999, #1

beginner fisherman needs help [View all]
I'm a beginner fisherman and would be interested in any personal info on Lopez of Santa Margarita Lakes since they are the closest to my house. Lake C
krandersDec-09-99 09:42 AM
by Jason Anderson
Replies to this topic:
Santa Margarita/Lopaz, Jason Anderson, Dec 09th 1999, #1

Looking for freshwater and saltwater fishermen [View all]
My company is Knowledge Systems & Research and we are conducting paid round table discussions nationwide on the subject of Freshwater and Saltwater le
Diane OsbeltNov-14-99 07:14 AM
by Diane Osbelt

Attention Float Tubers and Kickboaters. [View all]
Hey gang, www.tacklepro.com has added a special section just for Float Tubers and Kickboat enthusiast called the Tubby Tuber. If you are a Bass tuber
DinkNov-03-99 06:05 AM
by Dink

New Photos [View all]
Just got back from the computer lab at Poly where I scanned in some new photos for the photo section. Drop by and check out Matt Peter's 11 pound bas
RobOct-28-99 08:34 PM
by Rob

Bass Float Tubers... I need your input [View all]
Bass Float Tubers... I need your input. We are developing a new fishing site dedicated solely to the pursuit of bass from float tubes & kickboats. Any
DINKOct-21-99 01:22 PM

Site Changes [View all]
Well you probably have noticed that I changed the look of the entire site. Cleaned up a few minor things along the way too. I haven't changed the me
RobOct-17-99 10:44 PM
by Rob

Lopez And Cachuma [View all]
I have tournaments coming up at Lopez and Cachuma. I could use all the help I could get. I've always done well at Lopez, but Cachuma has killed me. An
billiebassSep-29-99 01:15 PM
by billiebass

Message Board Updates [View all]
Ok, message board updates have now been implemented. So to test here is a photo of yours truly with a 5-3 from the Delta<BR><img src="http://www.calf
rbelloniSep-15-99 09:34 PM
by rbelloni

Float Tubing in the ocean [View all]
I have been freshwater float tubing for over 15 years. I just recently dove into the wonderful world of saltwater float tubing. Needless to say I am
Pete WolfSep-13-99 02:34 PM
by Pete Wolf

Float tube fish finder [View all]
Just got done posting a little preview on how I applied my fish finder to my float tube. Take a look and let me know any ways you think I could impro
Terry G.Sep-13-99 12:42 PM
by Kanamit
Replies to this topic:
oops., Terry G., Aug 08th 1999, #1
Float Tube Depth Finder, Kanamit, Sep 13th 1999, #2

Reel Reports [View all]
Could you please provide me with some feedback on the reels I've listed below? I'm looking for a saltwater reel and wanted some input on price weighe
RobertSep-01-99 09:31 AM
by Robert

calfishing [View all]
just to let everybody know, before i went on my trip to north dakota i attempted to find a site like this one for the states we would be going through
Brian LongJul-31-99 08:55 PM
by Brian Long

fishing with The Rob [View all]
Just to let everyone know, fishing with The Rob is a lot of fun....he really knows what he is doing and is really dedicated to the sport. And, if you
Summer AndersonJul-07-99 11:46 PM
by Rob
Replies to this topic:
Fishing with Rob, Bill Hartman, Jun 24th 1999, #1
hey man!, fongster, Jun 24th 1999, #2
hey guys!, Rob, Jul 07th 1999, #3

The First Message! [View all]
Oh yes, how sweet it is, the message boards are finally here =)
RobJun-21-99 11:50 PM
by Rob
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