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Depth map Clear lake
Hi guys. I need your opinion. I found a map of the depths of Lake Clear. How correct is it? As I understand these are Navionics maps, I think they can
KalinaDec-21-20 09:25 PM
by swimbait
Interesting article from SD fishing
https://sdfish.com/g eneral/mike-long-big -bass-snagger-expose d-on-video/?fbclid=I wAR1IttSPjzcu8bE6TV3 yVnlFK5UfEj_uhdds2gX WOXdb4AnD56GC2heCqNQ
offdutyJun-24-19 08:29 PM03630
My first bass! Pages 1 | 2
It is with great pleausre that I can finally file a fish report on this board. I caught my first bass on Saturday (2/9) at El Dorado park in Long Bea
SJJan-16-19 12:28 PM
by SJ
Leopard frogs in California?
I know it’s the wrong time of year. I’m wondering if anyone knows any spots that contain leopard frogs in summer. I’d like to get some for my po
robborOct-20-18 08:17 PM02924
Where in California can I find freshwater action like t...
Im taking a road trip to Cali in July and would love to explore the waters... Where can i find action like this.... ? https://youtu.b e/VtMTy6m5
urbanangling420May-04-17 09:12 AM07324
Free Webinar on the NEKO Rig
I am hosting a FREE webinar on using the NEKO Rig this Wednesday. The NEKO Rig is a great alternative to drop shotting, a Texas Rig or a shakey head.
rickyshabazzMar-22-17 08:26 AM06856
New to calif
This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at: http://www.calf ishing.com/dc/dcboar d.p
JROCKOct-25-16 04:23 PM06762
Today is a great day
Major league fishing released this years season on bass pass. Commencing binge watching now.
swimbaitJan-06-16 06:12 PM
by eastbayanglers
MLF Tenkiller
loving it. Every darn minute. Ott Defoe is a great fisherman. And I'm enjoying watching faircloth and mark rose are also terrific. Great show. Bes
swimbaitOct-24-14 08:31 AM
by Lake
Bassmaster Classic Champion, Randy Howell
Awesome Interview with Bassmaster Classic Champion, Randy Howell http://www .fishassist.com/blog /fishassist-exclusiv e-interview-with-ran dy-howell.ph
FishAssistMay-12-14 09:20 AM08281
April 27, 2014 - Bayou Lacombe
Took the boat down the road to Bayou Lacombe. 15 minute drive. Winding river/bayou/marsh place that feeds in to Lake Pontchartrain. Water was 7
swimbaitMay-11-14 08:50 PM
by Sacto John
Sealing up leaky bubble bobbers?
I've always used and had the best luck with clear plastic bubble bobbers halfway filled with water. I've tried the other kinds and they just don't wor
JamiJRApr-29-14 07:50 PM
by swimbait
One event on MLF can teach you more about tournament fishing than a year of watching any other show. This last round in Michigan, I learned: -
swimbaitFeb-24-14 03:10 PM08186
A few new videos
A few new videos. More to come! Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE on YouTube! http://y outu.be/j7UGXC0CzUE http://youtu.be/W JjQbx02PiQ http:/ /youtu.be
eleetbassJan-24-14 11:30 AM
by ICSpots
New Videos, Blog
Hello all, I just got into making videos and getting a blog going. My website is www.eleetbass.weebly .com. My blogs are only located there. You ca
eleetbassJan-16-14 10:12 AM07572
Score Tracker Live
This is cool. The concept is to use their app to conduct the tourney. For club tourneys, etc, this could be a great format. It made me laugh to see
swimbaitJan-02-14 08:31 AM07857
December 5, 2013 - Disney World - Bay Lake fishing repo...
Took the family to Disney World in Orlando last week and decided at the last minute to book a bass fishing trip at the Magic Kingdom. Derek and I
swimbaitDec-08-13 08:28 AM09095
Bouquet Cyn Reservoir,,,etc,,etc.. Pages 1 | 2
Ok,,, While I wait for Locust to try my Balboa Lake outflow post question.. I thought I would throw this one out for discussion.......... Here goes. We
stingrayzJeffJun-03-13 10:00 PM
by fishingcoyote
MLF Pages 1 | 2
Just got done watching the most recent season. Gotta say it again, the Major League Fishing format is the deal. I watch every episode, every minute,
swimbaitApr-27-13 08:15 PM
by swimbait
Possible new striped bass record
http://www.al.co m/sports/index.ssf/2 013/03/dora_man_catc hes_record_stripe.ht ml
BASSCATMar-07-13 09:01 AM
Congrats Randy - 10lb spot
dang man http://www.we sternbass.com/forum/ new-lake-record-spot -t83112.html
swimbaitMar-02-13 03:35 PM
by Lake
Congratulations Phil !
I believe that's Mr. Phil Van Zee and partner Dustin with a fat limit of Santa Margarita bass winning his first team tourney at the BBT last weekend :
swimbaitFeb-27-13 01:32 PM
by Phil
The Classic
At every Bassmaster classic, dudes get hung up on saying some particular saying and you hear it 53x during every weigh in. This year the saying is, "
swimbaitFeb-24-13 09:08 PM
by swimbait
Big Bear Lake Feb 3 2013 Video
Headed up to Big Bear lake in the late morning since I brought the wife and daughter along. Arrived around 10 AM and the lake was calm and the sun wa
CalicanuckFeb-08-13 02:02 PM08344
Crappie/Small Pond Myth
Whenever there is talk about small ponds and stocking, this myth always come up. "Never stock ponds with crappie if you want good bass never stock cra
jigndoublewideJan-16-13 07:05 AM
by Slough Crew
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