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Top Calfishing.com Freshwater Fishing in California
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Big Bass castaic lower lake [View all]
Wednesday catch, Picture of 10.1 lb.bass and a 2.2lb trout both of them were caught by Jerry. Trout was hard to get today but more than 50% of them we
bert7May-20-05 11:04 AM03337

Float tube and kickboat tournament this weekend [View all]
Hey everybody, just wanted to get the word out that North Kern Float Tubers is having a night tournament at San Antonio Lake this weekend. The start t
lang28Jun-09-05 08:22 PM02613

2003 Delta Region check in time/ ROLL CALL [View all]
Bass-N-Tubes Delta Region will be kicking off its first tournament of the 2003 Season. This is the first of six Bass-N-Tubesí Delta Region Tournamen
CastroApr-07-03 01:03 PM02422

Any reports from Pyramid? [View all]
Anyone with a recent report out there? Mostly interested in the striper bite. But, any other fish report is cool. Thanks!
fisheezgonnadieJan-12-04 12:26 PM
by calicobass
Replies to this topic:
RE: Any reports from Pyramid?, calicobass, Jan 12th 2004, #1

Castiac Moonlight [View all]
The striper was on the move chasing trout's close to shore with boiling going off. Got two 9lb& 12lb and came unbuttom two time.. you had to be fish
Mr.smalliesDec-10-03 01:48 PM
by Mr.smallies
Replies to this topic:
RE: Castiac Moonlight, Skinnerfreak, Dec 08th 2003, #1
RE: Castiac Moonlight, BMXbasser, Dec 09th 2003, #2
      RE: Castiac Moonlight, Mr.smallies, Dec 10th 2003, #3

Lake Palmdale 6/13/06 [View all]
School's finally off for me and I've been fishing more recently. Decided yesterday to go to the local club lake from about 11:30 to 3:00 to see if I c
dockboyJun-15-06 03:13 PM03210

No Striper eating at Castaic? [View all]
Tuesday 25,they stock the west ramp with 2,000 pound of green fish and out of 50 guy throwing swim bait "NO" buddy got a striper? Where are all the b
Mr.smalliesOct-31-05 09:04 AM
by bert7
Replies to this topic:
RE: No Striper eating at Castaic?, bert7, Oct 31st 2005, #1

Santa Margarita Lake report [View all]
Got on the water about 7am, launched from White Oak in the kickboat and rowed towards the dam area. Stopped along some rocky shore line and cranked 2
BassinDec-06-05 06:30 AM
by Ken A
Replies to this topic:
RE: Santa Margarita Lake report, Ken A, Dec 06th 2005, #1

Specific rod/reel recommendation? [View all]
Not another question about a rod/reel recommendation! 'fraid so. Having nearly finished my seven day per week self-employment for months I am read
salmonoid 1Apr-01-03 05:28 PM
by salmonoid 1
Replies to this topic:
RE: Specific rod/reel recommendation?, swimbait, Mar 31st 2003, #1
RE: Specific rod/reel recommendation?, salmonoid 1, Apr 01st 2003, #2

Versa Vessel Expedition 4SALE [View all]
Well with all this boat selling and buying Iím deciding on selling my Versa Vessel Expedition. 8 Foot blue pontoon boat with oars Equipped with
CastroApr-04-03 07:31 PM02436

What's wrong with Socalfishing.net's messagebaord? [View all]
Does anyone know what's wrong with Socalfishing.net's meassgeboard, I can't access the myiconboard!
socalbasserMar-04-03 09:21 PM
by JBYRD23
Replies to this topic:
RE: What's wrong with Socalfishing.net's messagebaord?, JBYRD23, Mar 04th 2003, #1

!!!Lopez Lake Report!!! [View all]
Well guys, just wanted to relay a messege i got from a friend tonight. He said that he was fishing lopez this evening and around dark his friend hook
JoelMar-01-02 06:29 PM
by Joel

"catchable-size rainbow trout " [View all]
This may sound a little silly, but what is meant by "catchable-size rainbow trout"? What size range is that? Sonny
nemorinoDec-29-03 10:08 PM
by fisheezgonnadie
Replies to this topic:
RE:, warubozu, Dec 23rd 2003, #1
RE:, hookjaw, Dec 29th 2003, #2
      RE:, fisheezgonnadie, Dec 29th 2003, #3

"Its all about the trout lures now" [View all]
I was watching the trout being stocked at MV over Christmas About 10 minutes into it the big bass started to hang out under the dock. I saw a 10 pound
fishtraxJan-16-02 07:41 PM
by fishtrax

"Lake Silverwood 2-8-06" [View all]
Late morning trip up to the lake to break in my new engine 60 hp Yamaha 4 stroke. After putting time on engine was able to to troll for a couple of hr
HitmanFeb-09-06 09:51 AM02994

"Latest Photo" [View all]
On the Home page it shows Frank Marino with a nice striper. I have a question for ya Frank, is that at Castaic? The lake levels look really low...but
BassinDec-07-06 05:29 PM
by palmdale_shane
Replies to this topic:
FYI, palmdale_shane, Dec 07th 2006, #1

"Not quite an autoboatome"... [View all]
This is cool!... And convenient!... http://es.pn/eas2zE Put the top down, and do some fishing!!!... :7
dAvEMar-12-11 01:02 PM04190

"O" My.........What a "Toad" [View all]
Someone has some explaining to do....."LOL".....Is this the prototype of the new jumbo Castaic soft Carp????? [url="htt p://www.myfishingpic tures.com/
WellFairFisherFeb-12-04 09:57 PM
by fisheezgonnadie
Replies to this topic:
RE:, wils, Feb 12th 2004, #1
RE:, fisheezgonnadie, Feb 12th 2004, #2
RE:, hooksetter, Feb 12th 2004, #3
RE:, fisheezgonnadie, Feb 12th 2004, #4

"River Smallies" [View all]
Just returned from a few days of smallmouth float tube fishing at the "river". Headquartered at the Bluewater resort in Parker, Az. They have there ow
StriperAug-06-05 05:16 PM02973

****__BOAT FOR SALE__**** [View all]
hello people my name is paul and i found this board a while back now and just been looking around and reading messages....well i was just thinking abo
bay_fishermanFeb-22-04 08:06 AM
by Bigdaddybasspmp
Replies to this topic:
RE: ****__BOAT FOR SALE__****, Bigdaddybasspmp, Feb 22nd 2004, #1

01/28/02 stuffed the winning trout [View all]
I just received my fish from the taxidermist. This is the fish that won the float tube tourney on January 28,2002. I attached 2 pics, 1 of the fish, a
BanginBobMar-07-02 04:45 PM
by BanginBob
Replies to this topic:
RE: 01/28/02 stuffed the winning trout, Joel, Mar 05th 2002, #1
RE: 01/28/02 stuffed the winning trout, sean, Mar 05th 2002, #2
RE: 01/28/02 stuffed the winning trout, BanginBob, Mar 05th 2002, #3
      RE: 01/28/02 stuffed the winning trout, kaluck, Mar 07th 2002, #4
           RE: cost of fish, BanginBob, Mar 07th 2002, #5

1 Piece Flipping Stick [View all]
Does anybody know of a moderately priced flipping stick that is NOT telescopic? Thanks in advance and tight lines! calicokid
calicokidJul-18-03 02:54 PM02383

1-6-shadow cliffs [View all]
i went to the main lake at Shadow cliffs today with my dad. my plan was to no throw anything but the castaic trout and some swimbaits. I decided to do
Ryeguy (Guest)Jan-08-01 04:34 PM
by brian
Replies to this topic:
Picture, Rob, Jan 07th 2001, #1
RE: 1-6-shadow cliffs, jono (Guest), Jan 08th 2001, #2
RE: 1-6-shadow cliffs, Rob, Jan 08th 2001, #3
      RE: 1-6-shadow cliffs, Ryeguy (Guest), Jan 08th 2001, #4
           RE: 1-6-shadow cliffs, Rob, Jan 08th 2001, #5
                RE: 1-6-shadow cliffs, jono (Guest), Jan 08th 2001, #6
                     RE: 1-6-shadow cliffs, brian, Jan 08th 2001, #7

1/19/03: Santa Margarita [View all]
Hit Margarita Sunday morning from my kickboat. Water level is still down about 17-18 feet, water was 50 degrees and stained, maybe 2 foot visability.
Ken AJan-20-03 09:03 AM02632

1/20 Cachuma Report [View all]
Haven't been out for a month! Went out at 9 am on Sunday and by the looks of the frost everywhere I was glad I went later. I wanted to catch some fish
KelDawg1Jan-22-02 11:10 AM
by zacharooni
Replies to this topic:
RE: 1/20 Cachuma Report, Jeff, Jan 22nd 2002, #1
RE: 1/20 Cachuma Report, KelDawg1, Jan 22nd 2002, #2
      RE: 1/20 Cachuma Report, zacharooni, Jan 22nd 2002, #3
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