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River2Sea - S-Waver

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Tag( B'ham, WA) Dec 12, 2007
I had the opportunity to test out the S-Waver along with some other new swimbaits last weekend. Although I haven't gotten the chance to fish this bait I will offer my observations from the tank test.

I purchased the S-Waver thinking it could be ideal for targeting big smallies up here in my area and should match the size of the juvenile kokanee extremely well. I was very impressed with the kokanee color in the water. It is one of the best kokanee color imitations I have seen to date. A few of the other color offerings on Tackle Warehouse look pretty nice as well.

The S-Waver has a very slow sink rate and remains perfectly horizontal during the fall. The action of this bait is quite unique. It makes a wide S in water as the name indicates. I did notice that there seems to be a very specific speed range to get the proper action out of the bait. If you try to crawl or slow roll the bait you don't get a very pronounced "S-Wave" in the water. The lure seems to run true on a fast retrieve but will shoot towards the surface quickly. Once you get the retrieve speed just right it has a pretty neat action. I also found that I could get the S-Action to become wider and more accentuated by walking it under water, similar to the way you would walk a Spook. The perfect cadence will likely take some practice but it really makes the bait come alive when you get the right rhythm going. Implementing jerks, twitches and pauses make the lure do some interesting things as well.

I don't get the impression this bait can be fished too far down in the water column effectively without any modifications. I attribute this to the slow sink rate and the fact that this bait seems to require a decent amount of speed to run properly. I think it will be a good tool when you want to present a bait in the upper part of the water column. This lure may also excel when paralleling boat docks or other horizontal cover, letting the lure snake in and out of the strike zone on the retrieve.

My gut tells me the fish are going to blast this thing in certain situations. After seeing the S-Waver in the water I am not blown away but I am really looking forward to giving it a good run next season.
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