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Jackall Bros Giron

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Magmaster Nov 08, 2006
Well I finally had a chance to get out and fish this bait. This bait does exactly what I expected it to do, catch bass! Even though my first cast was a solid 3# blue gill!

The bait swims in an "S" pattern and is very subtle. It has no rattles and the action is very good. I stuck a lot of fish on this bait on my first outing. Fish in the 2-6 pound class were all over it. I see the potential when the BG spawn and the lake is loaded with the little ones.

I used a Loomis CBR845 and some 10# Flourocarbon line with this bait. I imagine you can use heavier line but your casting distance might be limited. The profile of the bait likes to catch the air and slow way down.

I did have the stock Owner hook break on me half way through the trip. I plan to switch them out with the better Owner trebles. The hook sizes are #2 in the front and #4 in the back. The finish seems to be very durable as it didn't scratch up after some fish were caught.

This bait is a solid performer that could add some fish to the livewell. If your lake has bluegill and the bass eat them, then this belongs in your box. With the amount of different finishes available with this bait it should be no problem matching the hatch. The size and profile are spot on for the smaller "dumb" bluegill in most lakes. This bait is worth the $20 I spent.
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