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April 11, 1990
Great Fishing @ Calero Res.
With Lake Anderson closed due to lack of staff for the mussel inspections, Richard and I had no choice but to go to Calero Reservoir. Starting off at the back of Bailey Cove, we threw spinnerbaits and jigs but had no luck. The water was quite dirty due to the run off from the storms we had last week. Around 10am, we made a move to the flats located between the two damns. The water clarity here is much better, about 2-3 feet. Richard throws out a tube on a 7’6” light rod spooled with 4 pound test, and hooks a good one. He did an excellent job fighting the fish on the light line, and after a few minute battle, he lands a 5 pounder. Ten minutes later Richard casts his tube right up on the bank and hooks another good one. The bass repeatedly jumped out of the water, but we finally land the fish. This time it was a healthy 6 pounder. Moving back and forth on this 100 yard stretch of bank we catch a few more 2-3 pounders on tubes and a Snag Proof Frog. It’s now 11am and out of nowhere the wind kicks up and starts to blow hard out of the north. Trying to get out of the wind, we move to the back of Cherry Cove, but find four other boats already camped out. Bouncing around the lake we try to find another hot spot, but have no luck. Finally we go back to the spot we caught them earlier. Fishing a little deeper this time, 10-20 feet, we catch 10 more fish. The largest one was about 3 pounds. The fact this spot was a south facing bank, was the reason we were catching so many bass. South facing banks are good in the spring for two reasons, protection from cold north winds and direct sun exposure throughout the day. We both spent quite a bit of time throwing swimbaits, but only had a couple short strikes.

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