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Swimbait Tackle - The Holistic Approach

By Rob BelloniSeptember 8, 2005

Holistic ho-lis-tic adj: Emphasizing the importance of the whole and interdependence of its parts.

Setting Expectations:  This article is written to help you develop an objective view of each of the components that go into catching big bass consistently on swimbaits from the platform you fish from - to the lure on the end of the line.  Big bass have this amazing habit of breaking regular bass fishing tackle and it takes a long time to understand what is right and wrong because frankly it's hard to get a lot of big bites on swimbaits.  Your tackle, as the saying goes, is only as strong as the weakest link, and my hope is that by reading this article you can avoid those weak links in the chain. 

I used the word holistic to describe my thoughts around swimbait tackle because the word holistic implies an emphasis on the whole AND the interdependence of the parts.  To get your entire setup  to the point where it's 100% solid, you have to have 100% of the components perfect first. I'm going to walk through each component in the most objective light possible so that regardless of where you fish and what conditions you experience, you'll be able put things in context and build your own program for success.  Building your own tackle program and understanding the reasons behind each component will take you 10 times further than someone handing you a rod and telling you that's the right setup for the day.  Let's get started!

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