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14897, Last minute help
Posted by ImDave, Sun Jun-29-14 08:19 PM
Hey gang, I am new here and have a quick question for you..... I am going out on a local charter in the morning and I am taking my daughter with me. I thought I might be able to save 50. or more if I brought my own rods and reels. I went on their website and they (the charter) said they use Heavy action rods and 30lb test. I have three rods that I have had for a while that I got for heavy catfish use. I want to know if they will work for what we are doing. We are going on a 3/4 day trip out of Morro Bay for rock cod and link cod

1. Shakespear Medium Heavy (12-30 lb line) 8' it has an ambassadeur reel on it. ( a friend gave me this set up a couple years ago for flipping bass.

2. Quantum Rod 7' Lure wt 1/2-1 oz. Line Wt 12-20 lb action med. This is concerning given the lure and line wt. It has a Shakespeare longrange capable of up to 30 lb test

3. Berkley Tactics Saltwater Edition. Nothing else on this rod that is all it says on it.

Thanks for the last minute help all I appreciate it.