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Topic subjectSF Bay Area Ocean Fishing
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14866, SF Bay Area Ocean Fishing
Posted by swimbait, Mon May-30-11 07:53 PM
Let's just say, hypothetically, that it stopped raining and the constant wind died down. Let's theoretically assume the weather got nice and calm, and sunny, and (gasp) hot.

Then let's say you had the bug to go ocean fishing for either halibut, salmon, striper or white seabass in the SF Bay area. Where would you go?

Think of all options, shore, kickboat, party boat.
14867, RE: SF Bay Area Ocean Fishing
Posted by dAvE, Tue May-31-11 03:58 PM
Seriously... (O_o) ...

I'd hit up Tomales Bay, for Halibut, with my little bro, in our small boat... Unfortunately, for those Halibut, the water needs to heat up a lot... Last season/year was too cold most of the time, so we didn't get much action... (>_<) ...

Wait... we have White Sea Bass!?...
14868, RE: SF Bay Area Ocean Fishing
Posted by swimbait, Tue May-31-11 04:06 PM
Definitely seabass around these parts. Point Bonita, Alameda Rockwall, sometimes Pacifica even have seabass. They're around. They pop up some years it seems like and guys get them. The grade is usually excellent.

Then there's the Monterey bay fish. Tankers. 30-60lbers. Last year it was outrageous I guess for a few weeks.

Wait, it's me who needs advice :)
14869, RE: SF Bay Area Ocean Fishing
Posted by dAvE, Tue May-31-11 09:07 PM
Sweet!... I'd love to go for Sea Bass, sometime... Especially, since I suspect I can use lures!... I don't like using baitfish, anymore... but I will (barely) for Halibut...

I'd like to give Monterey Bay a try on a kayak/float tube... I've been wanting to try to nab some rockfish on topwater lures... I've heard you can... (O_o) ...

Hah!... You needing advice, Rob!?... With what?... Fishing?... Well good luck with that... I'm having an unbelievably sucky 2011, so far!... I'm not giving any advice to anyone!...
14870, RE: SF Bay Area Ocean Fishing
Posted by dockboy, Sun Jun-05-11 02:29 AM
The tanker seabass bite here in Monterey Bay last year was pretty good at times. Its just like a seabass bite anywhere, here today and seemingly nowhere tomorrow. I too thought they would bite a Tady with squid on it like they do in SoCal, but my friends who chase them here advised against it. Apparently, the seabass bite around here almost always coincides with big jellyfish floats, and flyining live or fresh dead squid is the only real way not to come up with jellys. But those who fished the right times and kinda just got lucky had some big 40lb fish to show for it.
14871, RE: SF Bay Area Ocean Fishing
Posted by dAvE, Thu Jun-09-11 11:31 PM
Thanks for the info... So, I would have to use bait, then... Pooh... (>_<) ... Oh well, it's not like I get to Monterey all that often (it's been years)... Besides, with my luck, I'd go on a day that they would be nowhere to be found... But it would be cool to get a 40 lb one!... Okay, it would be cool to just to get one!... (O_o) ...
14872, RE: SF Bay Area Ocean Fishing
Posted by maxciriloy, Mon Jun-13-11 01:33 AM
San Francisco Bay offers many salt water fishing opportunities, whether you want to fish from your own boat or are looking for a party boat fishing charter boat to go out on. There's deep sea fishing, fishing along the coast, and fishing within San Francisco Bay from boats or piers.