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Topic subject1/20 Cachuma Report
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2671, 1/20 Cachuma Report
Posted by , Mon Jan-21-02 09:36 AM
Haven't been out for a month! Went out at 9 am on Sunday and by the looks of the frost everywhere I was glad I went later. I wanted to catch some fish on the jig but it didn't end up that way. Rumors were flying around about a guy catching 4 swimbait fish the Saturday before last from 4 to 7 pounds. I went straight out to the Main lake break off of Jackrabbit and metered some fish, dropped my bouys and proceded to fish the jig for about half an hour with no results.There seemed to be some good fish right under me so out came the Hopkins 3/4 chrome shorty. I caught a nice smallmouth about ten minutes later. A few minutes later I get the best fish of the day about a 4 lber. Now I'm feeling a bit better. One more largemouth around two and they quit on me. I ran into some guys who were fishing a fun tournament and they had been at it since they opened the gate and they had one fish on the jig but had missed a few. I used the jig all during the day for zero results. I threw the swimbait for hours with zero takers,so I went back to the spoon. I filled out a 9 pound limit and went back to the big fish stuff. It was a beautiful day on the water with out wind which killed the bite I think. It was that or they were full from Thursday's plant,but I couldn't get the big one's to eat. At 3:30 I anchored up and started to fish for trout while putting away tackle and cleaning up the boat and got a limit of fat rainbows on powerbait in an hour and a half behind Arrowhead Island. The Lake level has pretty much remained the same as in November maybe a foot lower if that. The water is about 51 degrees and looks to be clearing up in the narrows. I sure hope the March miracle comes in Feb. or it might get trickey this spawn. Kelly
2672, RE: 1/20 Cachuma Report
Posted by Jeff, Tue Jan-22-02 02:28 AM
Hey Kelly sounds like you had a good day on the water espcially for this time of the year. How deep were the fish you caught? Were they all on spoons? For jigs what colors usually are good for Cachuma?
2673, RE: 1/20 Cachuma Report
Posted by , Tue Jan-22-02 04:55 AM
I caught most of my fish in 40 to 45 on the spoon plus or minus a few feet depending on the break and the meter markings or lack of. I am a vanilla type of guy with the jig. I use black or brown and try to keep the trailer in the black or black and blue or brown or brown and orange. Those are my pork colors and I use a #11 uncle josh and I use a small piece of a power worm on the shank of the hook to keep the pork up. I use my pork fat side down and use a razor blade to cut the fat in slits down to the hide thereby giving a little more action. I'm useing a 3/4 oz rattle back jig for this deep water and will go up to a #1 frog in about 6 weeks when I'm in 10 to 25 feet to help with the fall rate and they seem to like the bigger profile.More food in one bite? I know the females need the crawdads for egg developement. It's the Calcium in the shell I'm told, who Knows? Don't give them to big of a brain or you'll be in trouble. Just go fishing,for fishing sake and you'll start to put together your favorites too! Kelly
2674, RE: 1/20 Cachuma Report
Posted by zacharooni, Tue Jan-22-02 11:10 AM
Nice job Kelly on the trout. A man after my own heart. Now that is what I call fishing, catching fish while you put tackle away. The only problem is you have it all backwards. See you start with the trout while your riggin' your rods that way you save time riggin em and you get the muscles loosened up on all dem bows...

Z-Man out.