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3732, RE: Prop Recommendation?
Posted by basslimit, Sun Jan-24-10 07:52 PM
This is an interesting string. I agree 100% with Zaldane on his clarification of pitch up and pitch down. I fished Lake Erie alot and I found that going from a 3 blade to a 4 blade and drop down in pitch was the key to the big water grip. A five blade was even better. A four blade may take care of your chine walk, which could give you an opportunity to go to a larger pitch. As said before it is all trial and error. I used John Janake of DAH Props out of Wisconsin, he has been written about alot in Bass Boat and many others, however he was only half an hour from where I lived. Interesting to me was that when I researched many of the boat test we read about with hole shot and top end results, the test boats did not include a trolling motor or bow electronics. Add forty to fifty pounds to the nose of those boats and lets see how they perform. I have Johns number if you would like me to include it, be sure you have time if you call him, he'll talk. I also have a four blade Mercury Revolution you can try if you would like it is a 14 5/8 23P that was edged and polished by DAH.