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Topic subjectRE: Prop Recommendation?
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3720, RE: Prop Recommendation?
Posted by Matt Peters, Wed Dec-30-09 07:38 PM

Your "theory" in the last paragraph I think is wrong. Perhaps its my misunderstanding, but here goes:

The more pitch, the more top end speed.

The more pitch, the fewer RPMs you can turn.

The less pitch, the more RPMs you turn, and the better the hole shot as Sacto John says.

Folks "pitch up" for more speed. The "pitch down" for better hole shot. From our trip on Monday with 3 guys in the boat and 2 of us with less than perfect body fat percentages, your boat already has excellent hole shot. We jumped right up. I wouldn't worry about hole shot.

You won't go faster with a 24 Pitch necessarily because you are turnin more RPMs (pitching down from a 25"). You'll just turn more RPMs at lower speeds....

The voodoo science is, you want to not be red lining your RPMs when going all out on the throttle and trim, you want to be within safe operation of user manual. So, that being said, my suggestion to you would be go the other way, like a 26 pitch. That will give you more top end speed (if thats what your after) and will lower your RPMs slightly overall and hole shot, but I think you have some to spare there...especially if its just you and or one other person mostly. The three of us jumped right out of the hole.

Your boat can/should do low 70s I would think. I'd find a 26" somehow to borrow and test with...maybe even a 27, but that might be too drastic. I'd start with 26 and see how you dig it. Make a note of how many RPMs you are turning at full bore next time you are out there running wide open. Then use that data to compare when you pitch up or down, so you have a baseline. Record how many RPMs it take to keep on pad at your slowest possible speed...things like that you can compare against.

You can play with the diameter of the prop too, like 13.5" vs. 14" to modify hole shot/RPMs, but I'd just keep diameter fixed and play with pitchin up and down. Too many variables if you let it get away from you.