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Fishing Slang

By James "Jamon" BeckOctober 22, 1998

Barni - aka Barney or Barndog, is a white-trash weekend fisherman who thinks he knows what he is talking about.  Tends to have lots useless or non-functional equipment.  Also drinks excessively, has slurred speech, smells real bad, and catches less than you. (see: The Rob)

Boil - Aggressive fish activity in which bait and fish frequently jump out of the water, making it look as though the water is boiling.

Boss - Something, usually a vehicle, that has potential to kick a lot of ass. Antonym: Rob's Truck

Central Heating - A float tube and surfing tactic in which one uses liquid excrement for heating and relieving purposes while wearing swim trunks or a wetsuit.

Donkey - See Barni.

Farmer or to farm - A person who has either failed to hook a fish that just bit, or lost one that was on the line. Ex. Rob really farmed that last one.

Jackass - A person who either pisses you off or is a complete moron (see: The Rob)

Keychain Fish - A pathetically small rockfish usually caught in areas like the East end of Anacapa Island.  Generally taken by idiots fishing with ganions.

Loonker - Means a REALLY big fish, bigger than a lunker.

Poons - Tarpon

Poonhead - One that is addicted to the pursuit of poons (see above)

Raper o' the Sea - Someone who adamantly keeps everything they catch just because they can even if the fish are excessively large or rare. (Ex. Jamon being a bastard and keeping those calicos)

Sabanero - Synonym for farmer.  Means farmer in spanish.  Also this guy named Joey with really long hair who we suspect is growing it to sell it.

Schooling - A process in which one fisherman completely destroys the morale of another by out fishing him.  Ex. It was no surprise when Jamon schooled Rob in fishing.

Scooter - A barracuda, barrie, zoomer, etc.

Spoiled Rich Kid - Kid whose parents put him through school and buy him a truck.  See: The Rob  Antonym: Jamon

Toad - Used in reference to a large fish, generally a big salwater bass.  Ex. Rob always catches the toad bass.

Vermin - Someone who sits in their room all day and never goes fishing.  Also someone who comes up with lots of lame excuses not to fish.  Also this guy who lived in Gil's dorm room at UCSD

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