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Topic subjectRE: Forbidden Waters
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5876, RE: Forbidden Waters
Posted by , Thu Sep-26-02 03:20 PM
As for Elderberry Forbay, I am pretty familar with Castaic UPPER and I believe that is a difficult one... One would need be dropped off at the Old Ridge Route near the power plant and a long hike to fish.. I have heard of a few who have tried .. The success of which I cannot testify to.......... What I can say is there are many places of interest that are off limits that are really cool with no pressure and no real reason for exclusion.......Now who hasn't driven by The San Fernando Valley Reservoir off the I-5 just below the I-14 in the break of dawn and wondered just how many hawg bass there are ???? Or 50lb Stripers??? It drives me crazy!!! Cool stories wanted... Jeff