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Posted by PHISHnutS, Wed Sep-25-02 05:51 AM
I used to go out seek and fish any lake illegal or not.Some of my favorite spots have been near dam inlet/outlets behind bouy lines!Some of the best structure and least pressured waters there.I personally enjoyed fishing these spots and did not feel guilty or feel like I was poaching.I always would just take a picture or two and release the fish and did not use any other illegal methods of catching the fish.

Having said all that the reality is that it is illegal and the officers and park rangers patrolling the areas take it pretty serious and don't exactly see it the way I do.After several trespassing tickets(two within a month,from the same spot)I had to retire from that style of fishing.I started fishing more often to keep myself busy and out of trouble,but ended up right back in the same boat.
I'm now on probation and have unfortunately learned my lesson once again,the hard way!

It's very frustrating to see a body of water or a perfect spot on a lake and have signs telling you that you can't fish it.Well no matter what you tell yourself to justify fishing there,just remember that the "man" does'nt give a sh#t.I had a ranger tell me "I know your just trying to catch that trophy bass,and their back there" as he's writing out my ticket!

Overall some of the best times of my life and I would probably do it all again if I had the chance.Maybe just not so often!I say go for it,have fun but remember there will be a price to pay later,some of just pay a little more and sooner than others!