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Topic subjectBouquet Cyn Reservoir,,,etc,,etc..
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5868, Bouquet Cyn Reservoir,,,etc,,etc..
Posted by , Tue Sep-24-02 03:35 PM
Ok,,, While I wait for Locust to try my Balboa Lake outflow post question.. I thought I would throw this one out for discussion..........Here goes. We all know it is illegal to fish certain waters.. We also know of people who may have fished those waters.. Right? Is anyone brave enough to discuss those waters and the productivity of those waters... I,m just interested in what goes on with the largemouth bite mostly in some of these places..........I,m not trying to get people in trouble I,m just interested in the stories......I have heard from a realible source that Bouquet Reservoir is incredible... Though illegal... This person did get a nice ticket... But the story was incredible for sure!!! Sorry ,,for the long post on this....Any takers?? THANKS ALOT ...Jeff