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5868, Bouquet Cyn Reservoir,,,etc,,etc..
Posted by , Tue Sep-24-02 03:35 PM
Ok,,, While I wait for Locust to try my Balboa Lake outflow post question.. I thought I would throw this one out for discussion..........Here goes. We all know it is illegal to fish certain waters.. We also know of people who may have fished those waters.. Right? Is anyone brave enough to discuss those waters and the productivity of those waters... I,m just interested in what goes on with the largemouth bite mostly in some of these places..........I,m not trying to get people in trouble I,m just interested in the stories......I have heard from a realible source that Bouquet Reservoir is incredible... Though illegal... This person did get a nice ticket... But the story was incredible for sure!!! Sorry ,,for the long post on this....Any takers?? THANKS ALOT ...Jeff
5869, RE: Forbidden waters
Posted by PHISHnutS, Wed Sep-25-02 05:51 AM
I used to go out seek and fish any lake illegal or not.Some of my favorite spots have been near dam inlet/outlets behind bouy lines!Some of the best structure and least pressured waters there.I personally enjoyed fishing these spots and did not feel guilty or feel like I was poaching.I always would just take a picture or two and release the fish and did not use any other illegal methods of catching the fish.

Having said all that the reality is that it is illegal and the officers and park rangers patrolling the areas take it pretty serious and don't exactly see it the way I do.After several trespassing tickets(two within a month,from the same spot)I had to retire from that style of fishing.I started fishing more often to keep myself busy and out of trouble,but ended up right back in the same boat.
I'm now on probation and have unfortunately learned my lesson once again,the hard way!

It's very frustrating to see a body of water or a perfect spot on a lake and have signs telling you that you can't fish it.Well no matter what you tell yourself to justify fishing there,just remember that the "man" does'nt give a sh#t.I had a ranger tell me "I know your just trying to catch that trophy bass,and their back there" as he's writing out my ticket!

Overall some of the best times of my life and I would probably do it all again if I had the chance.Maybe just not so often!I say go for it,have fun but remember there will be a price to pay later,some of just pay a little more and sooner than others!

5870, RE: Forbidden waters
Posted by Team Striper, Wed Sep-25-02 11:02 AM
Many have tried but I haven't heard of anyone fishing Boquet Reservoir without getting busted after squeeking out a few smallmouth's. There is a very hostile old man that LIVES on the property, not much gets by him or his MANY DOGS.
5871, RE: Forbidden waters
Posted by Grom85, Wed Sep-25-02 04:28 PM
what about sand canyon res. in irvine......anyone every fishing there or heard stories....looks fishy

5872, RE: Forbidden waters
Posted by blaksun, Wed Sep-25-02 04:49 PM
I'm curious, what's the damage on these sort of tickets and probation period?
5873, RE: Forbidden waters
Posted by PHISHnutS, Thu Sep-26-02 06:16 AM
My case was a little different from others,I don't think it came out correctly from my other post but I was already on probation and then got popped for trespassing.I tried to stay out of trouble by fishing but by nature I guess I found a way to get into trouble while fishing.Anyway the trespassing ticket really is not that big of a deal except that if you get a ticket for the same offense or same type of crime over and over again.The court decides that your not taking the law serious and the punishment gets more costly.So your first offense you get a few hundred dollar fine and one year probation.If you get a ticket again in the future for the same type of offense they gradually make the fine higher and probation greater.

It sucks because I liked the adventure of fishing these spots and not standing elbow to elbow around a hole with water.I would have loved to go for the Diamond Valley Res.Strap a float tube on your back and hurdle a few fences.(OHH the good ol days)-I'd love to hear some stories about that place.

5874, RE: Forbidden waters
Posted by palmdale_shane, Thu Sep-26-02 04:41 PM
Be careful what you guys talk about. I would imagine that fish and game monitors sites like this every now and then to see what's going on........Just looking out for my fellow fishermen

5875, RE: Forbidden Waters
Posted by , Wed Sep-25-02 05:38 PM
I have always been interested in fishing ELDERBERRY FOREBAY (see any detailed map). This is the far northern area of Castaic Lake behind the north side dam of the "ski arm" seperate from the main lake. I believe this is a reserve lake for the DWP. This is not the LOWER LAKE. It seems hard to gain access. I did some scouting one day. It looks like you will need to be dropped off with a cel phone to get picked up later. Sounds pretty adventurous. After being dropped off you will need to do some hiking. The amount of hiking depends on where you get dropped off at. If anyone has or goes there, please let me know the results. CURIOUSITY KILLED THE CAT (or fish in this case).
5876, RE: Forbidden Waters
Posted by , Thu Sep-26-02 03:20 PM
As for Elderberry Forbay, I am pretty familar with Castaic UPPER and I believe that is a difficult one... One would need be dropped off at the Old Ridge Route near the power plant and a long hike to fish.. I have heard of a few who have tried .. The success of which I cannot testify to.......... What I can say is there are many places of interest that are off limits that are really cool with no pressure and no real reason for exclusion.......Now who hasn't driven by The San Fernando Valley Reservoir off the I-5 just below the I-14 in the break of dawn and wondered just how many hawg bass there are ???? Or 50lb Stripers??? It drives me crazy!!! Cool stories wanted... Jeff
5877, RE: Bouquet Cyn Reservoir,,,etc,,etc..
Posted by , Fri Sep-27-02 10:52 AM
Legally some of these lake have been fished. I have seen a group of 5-10 peolpe fishing Boquet res. just a year or two back on a weekend. Also probably over 20 years ago my uncle was let in to edelberry fore bay and fished with his kid until all their plastic worms were gone and the worm left on the hook was only about an inch long. I presume it is still good fishing. I would guess that Boquet is just ok with quite a few little fish and some 5ers. I have never fished either.
5878, RE: Bouquet Cyn Reservoir,,,etc,,etc..
Posted by , Sat Sep-28-02 10:19 PM
I fish hansen dam(not that little square)often.I havent been busted yet I usually just get warnings.The reason I fish that lake is because of the huge fish Ive seen there.Though Ive never caught anything really big there,Ive seen some really big bass and catfish.The lake is located in the Hansen Dam Recreation Park.Once the park(grass)ends theres alot of dried brush go through that brush and theres the lake.You can see from the freeway or from the legal hansen dam lake(that little square).If anyone dares fish it tell me how you do.
5879, RE: Bouquet Cyn Reservoir,,,etc,,etc..
Posted by , Tue Oct-01-02 04:15 AM

Have you ever seen the pond east of Hansen Dam in the Big Tujunga Wash?
It is visable from the 210 freeway, lots of lilly pads. I have never seen anyone fishing there but it looks pretty cool from the road.
5880, RE: Bouquet Cyn Reservoir,,,etc,,etc..
Posted by , Tue Oct-01-02 06:04 PM
Yes,I have seen that pond many times.Though Im not sure,I think I saw someone fishing it once,while I was driving by on the freeway.It looks like prime bass water.There is another pond bigger than that one about 50 yards east of the main lake.I fished it once and while I was there I met these two guys who had caught a few nice bass on a plastic worm,Texas rigged I think.
18491, RE: Bouquet Cyn Reservoir,,,etc,,etc..
Posted by fishingcoyote, Mon Jun-03-13 10:00 PM
i went last month,it was good..we started at 6 am and stop at 2 since we had a soccer game at the fields in the same park...we catch 3 crappies 2 small catfishes and one carp.all of them catch and relase :+ .just make sure to clean all ur trash and mess...i heard in other forums that most ppl goes in the night,we saw a huge dead carp right in the sand i can tell it was around 8 pounds....i just hate that kind of ppl that does that x( ...if u are not gonna eat it.just trow it back in the water... :D :7