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Topic subjectRE: My first bass!
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2881, RE: My first bass!
Posted by brian, Mon Feb-11-02 02:47 PM
Right on man. Watch out now, you can get pretty deep into bass fishing... haha. You're gonna need about six more rods, 15 boxes of tackle, and 10 trout plugs, then you'll be on the right track ;-) Congratulations though, I'm stoked for you. Reminds me of my buddy Zach. Once you get a little more proficient in bass fishing I'd reccommend looking for a club to join. You'll learn a lot. I remember last year when Zach first started bass fishing me and Brian #2 took him out on Brian's boat and I told him that a year from now he'll look back, and he'll have learned so much about bass fishing that it'll blow his mind. Sure enough, the other day Zach was talking about that and he really was amazed at how much more he learned in that one year. Now he's got a few loomises, a few curados, and he even bought a bass boat a couple weeks ago. Pretty cool. Of course, it might take you a little longer to figure out the whole bass fishing game cause you don't have great guys like us to fish with you, j/k :-), but hang in there and learn as much as you can. Congrats again.