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Topic subjectRE: My first bass!
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18520, RE: My first bass!
Posted by SJ, Wed Jan-16-19 12:27 PM
It's been 17 years since that post... man, where does the time go? This site isn't active at all any more - but I still hold the lessons I learned here close to my heart.

I'm still fishing for bass (almost exclusively) and I am still learning every time I go out.

Looking back - that first bass I caught was probably closer to 2.5 pounds than 4, even though it was chunky. Being my first bass at the time, I really had no idea...

I now own about 20 rods... and fish out of a kayak. Still don't get out nearly as often as I like to - but I go whenever I can.

My PB is only 6 pounds (which I have done twice). I'm coming up on the 17 year anniversary of that first bass (I'll never forget it) and thought I'd post here once again for the fun of it.