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Topic subjectA few new videos
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18495, A few new videos
Posted by eleetbass, Sat Jan-18-14 07:59 PM
A few new videos. More to come! Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE on YouTube!



18496, RE: A few new videos
Posted by swimbait, Mon Jan-20-14 02:28 PM
Good job spamming. Keep it up, soon you will be an affiliate marketing superstar.
18497, RE: A few new videos
Posted by eleetbass, Tue Jan-21-14 10:05 AM
That's actually me personally... It certainly isn't spam. There are no rules against posting personal videos for other bass fishermen to enjoy on a public forum.
18498, RE: A few new videos
Posted by Lake, Tue Jan-21-14 11:10 AM
It appears to be spam when the vids are posted on multiple forums. Keep em coming just limit it to this board.
18499, RE: A few new videos
Posted by swimbait, Tue Jan-21-14 12:25 PM
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18500, RE: A few new videos
Posted by ICSpots, Fri Jan-24-14 11:30 AM
To paraphrase Super Dave Osborne ... Rob, I think your broke my brain.