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18460, MLF
Posted by swimbait, Thu Feb-21-13 02:04 PM
Just got done watching the most recent season. Gotta say it again, the Major League Fishing format is the deal. I watch every episode, every minute, glued to it. FLW and BASS are going to to feel pressure from this format because people want to watch it and the anglers are going to want to fish it. When I watch it, I feel like I'm watching the future of competitive bass fishing. Really hope they can keep momentum and keep the circuit going. Most new circuits flame out, this one could be different.
18461, RE: MLF
Posted by Slough Crew, Fri Feb-22-13 06:44 AM
I watched it too. It's funny how one day a guy is smoking them and the next he's eliminated. After watching Iaconelli in that first round I figured he was going to win but he didn't even make it to the final round. Ish found them flipping a heavy weight one round and the Lilly pads the next but bombed in the finals. I couldn't believe that Denny smoked them like he did in the finals and nobody else did when they were all basically doing the same thing. I'm kind of surprised that nobody got on an offshore bite. I just wish they would have a couple more a year, with tournaments and appearances I'm sure it's hard to get people worth watching together for 7-10 days to fish.
18462, RE: MLF
Posted by Sacto John, Fri Feb-22-13 08:47 AM
Watched them all again this year. LOVE IT!

I don't think Jeff Kriet has the mental make up to do too many more of theses, dude is going to have a nervous breakdown on camera. It sure is fun watching him spin out, though.
18475, RE: MLF
Posted by Lake, Mon Apr-01-13 11:37 AM
MLF: The best bass tournament show comes back this Thursday from Florida.
18477, RE: MLF
Posted by Phil, Sun Apr-07-13 08:17 PM
I happened to catch the first episode of the new season yesterday. So awesome. I'm hooked. I immediately subscribed online and have been watching passed episodes all day.
18478, RE: MLF
Posted by swimbait, Sun Apr-07-13 08:27 PM
It's crack.
18479, RE: MLF
Posted by Phil, Sun Apr-07-13 08:55 PM
The anglers seem to like the format. For the viewer, you feel much more connected with them and their decision making process. It's just so pure and legit. I love it.
18480, RE: MLF
Posted by Lake, Mon Apr-08-13 11:34 AM
Hack and that Gator was insane
18481, RE: MLF
Posted by Sacto John, Mon Apr-08-13 09:37 PM
Not many float tube clubs in Florida I bet
18482, RE: MLF
Posted by swimbait, Fri Apr-19-13 06:45 PM
episode 3 available now. It's best to rub rotten chicken on your flippers when kickboating in alligator country
18483, RE: MLF
Posted by swimbait, Fri Apr-19-13 07:40 PM
A definite trend on the MLF. White fishing rods snapping in half. I don't know if those are all the Duckett rods or if they're some other brand but it's pretty funny watching dudes sawing their rods in half, snapping off the tips and generally breaking the junk out of them :) I break a lot of rods, it happens. But white ones seem more susceptible than others on this here program.
18484, RE: MLF
Posted by swimbait, Fri Apr-19-13 10:16 PM
Episode 3 was great again. The first 2 sessions were slow, the last was great. Just as soon as I get talking about white rods snapping in half, Chapman snapped a yellow one. Those 2lbers really are rod breakers, whew!

I'd like to know what the money situation is in these events. Wondering if there is no prize money per se but everyone is getting a salary?

Regardless, as a show, it's by far the best bass show ever made. And definitely the best format. The only rule change they need to make is to allow cell phones so the guys can text and call to talk trash during the tournament :D :D
18485, RE: MLF
Posted by Sacto John, Mon Apr-22-13 09:15 PM
"Where's my Blistex?"

18486, RE: MLF
Posted by swimbait, Mon Apr-22-13 10:02 PM
It must have dropped there, I swear I didn't put it there!
18487, RE: MLF
Posted by Sacto John, Tue Apr-23-13 07:22 PM
Aaron is one trippy dude. I will also miss Kriet, hes stress is extremely entertaining
18488, RE: MLF
Posted by swimbait, Fri Apr-26-13 09:07 PM
Eat the food Tina!
18489, RE: MLF
Posted by Sacto John, Sat Apr-27-13 06:22 PM
Who's Tina and what food is she supposed to be eating?

Regardless, that my new saying while fishing.
18490, RE: MLF
Posted by swimbait, Sat Apr-27-13 08:15 PM
>Who's Tina and what food is she supposed to be eating?

She lives in the pencil reeds I think?