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5393, Bassmaster TV format...
Posted by Slough Crew, Sun Apr-13-14 12:38 PM
Does anybody like the new Bassmaster TV show format? I like to see more fishing and less break down with the pros.
5394, RE: Bassmaster TV format...
Posted by Ken A, Mon Apr-14-14 07:23 AM
I agree. Since the tv coverage is weeks after the event they are assuming that you know the results ahead of time. Instead of following the event and building on the suspense like last year, they are just summarizing the event in the first 5 minutes and then talking with the finishers for the rest of the hour.

I liked it better last year where they followed the event and showed how the strategy evolved and worked out.
5395, RE: Bassmaster TV format...
Posted by swimbait, Mon Apr-14-14 09:46 AM
I dunno but I just watched the first 2 episodes of MLF on Ray Roberts and it was great like always. Watching Gary Klien fish a crankbait was brilliant.

How about KVD when he ties on a topwater. He's like uh, "yeah I saw fish move over there so I changed to this topwater and caught it". Dude is not normal.
5396, RE: Bassmaster TV format...
Posted by Slough Crew, Sun Apr-20-14 08:37 AM
KVD is the fish whisperer. Hopefully they don't fish smallmouth in Michigan anytime soon, that just wasn't fair at all. I wish there were 3-4 competitions MLF competitions a year instead of two.

Wonder if there's any chance MLF will come west one of these days.
5397, RE: Bassmaster TV format...
Posted by FishAssist, Mon May-12-14 09:18 AM
Awesome Interview with Bassmaster Classic Champ - Randy Howell

http://www.calfishing.com/dc/user_files/9454- akepathRandyTrophyLure.jpg