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Topic subjectand the word on the street is
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5346, and the word on the street is
Posted by Lake, Thu Sep-27-12 11:22 AM
Forums have been quiet. No one fish anymore? Who's has been doing what/where? Maybe we need a good argument to get this forum going. I will start by saying I hate spotted bass and dragging plastics.
5347, RE: and the word on the street is
Posted by swimbait, Thu Sep-27-12 03:58 PM
I hate the fact that I can't get back to Clear Lake again until January.
5348, RE: and the word on the street is
Posted by Lake, Thu Sep-27-12 04:10 PM
I so want to be up there now. Sux spending a whole month there and get it figured out and now cant go back. I am working on a report for the bnt float tube forum
5353, RE: and the word on the street is
Posted by Sacto John, Sun Sep-30-12 11:23 AM
Looking forward to reading it. I was up there the Sunday after the BFL and could not catch a single nice fish. I have a serious love hate with Clear Lake right now
5354, RE: and the word on the street is
Posted by kbp, Tue Oct-02-12 06:51 AM
John, ran across this thread and your "who's been doing what where". Well, I'm in North Carolina right now visiting family and doing some fishing. Staying mostly at my sister's house and they have a small pond down back. Have done some fishing in there for bass and got a few nice, healthy fighters in the 1 to 2 1/2 lb. range, but nothing much larger. They are a lot of fun though. When they don't want to eat, can't find
anything they will hit, but when they want to eat, they do.

What I really like to do when visiting here is to go down to Carolina Beach, where they have a trailer, and fish for sheepshead. My b-n-l has a boat he keeps down there and sheepshead is the only thing he fishes for. We went fishing one day last week and and got some decent ones along with some small ones. Also, I caught a nice back drum and I think he fought better than the sheep...it was a blast to catch with some strong runs under the boat.

Last night we had a sheepshead fish fry. They are one of the finest eating fish I have had. We were going to go back down there yesterday, but it has been raining past several days.I think we are going down either later today or in the morning. 30% chance of rain down there tomorrow.

Now, for all you "westerners" that are not familiar with what a "real" sheepshead is, I will try to post some pics here; also, there are some good you-tube video showing fishing for them. We fish mainly around the Carolina Beach inlet area, and especially under the Carolina Beach bridge that goes over the inlet. You just pull up to the pilings, and use a gaff hook to one of the cables around the pilings...then you drop your bait, usually fiddlers or stone crabs, right down along the pilings. And if some nice ones are down there feeding, hold on. They can be tricky to catch though. There is a knack to it. They are very good at taking your bait with fairly a hint of a bite.

Let me see if I can post some pics here. Some of just the fish, and some with myself and b-n-l. My b-n-l will be the one on the left as you look at the pic.

Dang it! Wouldn't let me attach anything...said files were all too large. This is frustrating. Will have to see what I can do later.

5349, RE: and the word on the street is
Posted by Carrot Top, Thu Sep-27-12 06:47 PM
Good news for swimbait throwers


Haven't been fishing much. Been catching even less.
5350, RE: and the word on the street is
Posted by jigndoublewide, Thu Sep-27-12 09:39 PM
I hope this doesn't get laughed at but you do not need trout for a good swimbait bite. I actually do better with hudds in the standard trout pattern in places where there are zero trout native or stocked. Also I do better with the trout baits in muddy water than clear.

I also do not think trout are necessary for giant fish. I believe a strong supply of crayfish is the key in terms of forage. I have caught fish from trout stocked waters with the red lips, beat up mouths,some even bleeding, why wouldn't they be eating smooth, soft trout?

While saying this I do fish clear, stocked trout water, mainly because I enjoy numerous followers and pain in general, along with the shot at top end fish.
5352, RE: and the word on the street is
Posted by swimbait, Fri Sep-28-12 04:10 PM
The DFG thing is a question mark in my mind.

The message is clear that DFG defended their program against both the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) and the Fish Farming groups.

The thing about 'winning' against the CBD is that DFG developed their new stocking program in response to the CBD lawsuit... and the way the program is, it means DFG has to do pre-stocking assessments and clear all sorts of hurdles (that they erected themselves) before they can stock fish.

This is exactly what they've been doing - slowly - since 2010. So it does not seem at all clear to me whether this "victory" actually means anything in terms of getting places like Castaic Lagoon or Coyote lake stocked again in our lifetimes.

On the fish farming front, that suit came about because when DFG developed their program in 2010 (in response to the CBD lawsuit remember) not only did they deal with the issues in the CBD suit, they expanded the scope of their program to include regulation of fish farms.

By winning that part of the suit, it means DFG is going to regulate the industry much more vigorously than in the past with all sorts of checking of the fish, monitoring for invasive species, etc. Classic debate there about govt. intervention in business vs. environmental protection.

For the fishermen, it means that private hatchery fish are likely to cost the lakes a lot more than they do today. Some fish farms are likely to go out of business as well.

So yeah... I'm not sure 100% on this but my best guess is that DFG will continue it's current glacial pace of reviewing lakes and approving/denying stocking and meantime private trout will cost the lakes more so they will stock less. Hope I'm wrong.
5355, RE: and the word on the street is
Posted by swimbait, Wed Oct-03-12 12:53 PM
Here's the fish farming groups' take on the lawsuit:

On September 19, the Sacramento Superior Court ruled against a lawsuit filed by the California Association for Recreational Fishing (CARF) and litigated by the Pacific Legal Foundation. As a result, the Department of Fish and Game intends on implementing fish stocking regulations that will have a profound financial impact on California lake operators and the fish farmers that stock over 4,000 lakes and reservoirs, and over 20,000 ponds and your favorite restaurants and market.

Lakes and water districts could see costly environmental assessments that could cost over $100,000, forcing lake operators and the family fish farmers that grow some of the world's healthiest fish out of business.

Yes, as indicated in the Sacramento Bee, the Department will impose environmental assessments on every body of water that stocks fish, even though the Fish and Game Commission rejected them unanimously last December. As you may recall, over 60 organizations and major employers opposed the regulations for being too onerous and costly. This coalition represents sports fishermen, water districts, small business owners, retailers, manufactures, restaurants, agriculture, local government, golf courses, tourism and campgrounds, hotels and tourism -- and many more!

What's Next?

In the coming weeks, CARF will have to decide whether to appeal the Court's decision. This decision will be based on the response we receive from our members and coalition partners. This is why we need to hear from you. Please let us know by emailing info@savecalfishing.org. As indicated in the Bee, the regulations will once again come before the Fish and Game Commission for consideration -- and the outcome could be very different since the terms of several Commissioners will have expired.