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3842, RE: Boat upgrades & fixes
Posted by swimbait, Fri Jan-25-13 09:43 AM
After a weekend on the lake, the verdict on fixed was mixed. Wiring the GPS pucks to the units direct (no interlink) was great. GPS refresh at 4x makes the GPS work how it should. I'm ditching my interlink and switching to ethernet asap.

The water leak in the livewell pump out pump seal is fixed. The boat made no water this weekend. Nice feeling.

Adding a trolling motor tie down strap seemed like a good improvement. I should probably re-mount the entire trolling motor to sit over the deck more so I can use a normal brace on it. I don't know why my t-motor is rigged like it is. Have to think it was factory, but who knows. Maybe the original owner drilled it himself, or maybe the original trolling motor wasn't the long shaft length one.

The 2D puck install for high speed was a fail. I'm pretty sure it's because the puck overlaps a stringer by about 1/2". You can see in the pic above how the footprint of the old Lowrance thru-hull puck is smaller than the Humminbird one. There's two thru-hull pucks you can use on your Humminbird, both have the same part number, but I think the newer one has a smaller footprint. I'm giving up on that for awhile.

The West Marine group 27 was also a fail. It was getting weak by the end of the day. Maybe it's because the battery is a few years old and I used it in my small boat as the trolling motor batt. But I think it's just not quite to spec (900 MCA vs. 1000 which is spec). Bought a group 31 optima blue top and planning to install it asap. Tired of stupid battery issues.

My 1198c came back from Humminbird with the buttons working great. I felt so happy. Then I realized they flashed the firmware on it to the latest version (6.570) and reset the unit to defaults. In the process of setting it back up and syncing the interlink it went in to an endless rebooting loop. Weak! Kinda pissed on that. Had to send it back to Humminbird ... again.

My computer brain thinks it was something to do with atypical waypoint formats imported off my Lowrance units that didn't sync right through the interlink. Just one more reason to get rid of the interlink.

To put the icing on the cake I mailed my dinged up 25p Temest to Phil's to get re-worked. We're getting there, slow and steady. And learning a lot about boats in the process.