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3832, Boat upgrades & fixes
Posted by swimbait, Tue Jan-01-13 06:51 PM
Winter time... Clear skies, lows in the 20's... yeah it's time to stay home and work on the boat. Today I started on:

- Adding 2D through-hull transducer to get a bottom readout above 7mph with my Humminbird sidescan unit

- Reconfiguring the GPS from the interlink to having a puck on each unit. Stupid interlink manual tells you to rig it the 3rd port of the interlink but when you rig like this the GPS speed lags. Bad.

- Moving the console GPS puck back to the stern near the rear transducer

- Replacing the starter battery with a West Marine AGM Group 27. I had an Interstate in there for less than a year and started getting a low voltage alarm when trimming the engine after a full day of fishing. That interstate batt is rated for 1000 MCA but it's a suck battery.

- To fit the Group 27, it's time to relayout the whole driver side of the battery compartment

- Update firmware on fish finders

- Set custom message on fish finder startup screen (useful if they ever got stolen)

- Find annoying livewell leak, fix

- Replace fuel filter

Here's a few shots

Original layout when I first got the boat (24v system)

Testing out placement for group 27 starter today

Gutted - ripped out two old Lowrance thru-hull pucks (who the hell puts a flasher in a 2006 model year boat...) 2D puck installed

More in the next few days