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Topic subjectRandom boat performance factors?
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3773, Random boat performance factors?
Posted by swimbait, Wed Jun-23-10 10:46 AM
Had an interesting experience at the Delta Sunday. Nico and I went out with full gear, livewells empty. Took off in Franks with 1 foot chop and 68 deg water temp - running down wind. My boat has never run more than 69.9 with the Tempest prop I have on it and 2 guys in the boat.

We were half way across Franks and I looked at my GPS which read 71.4. Later in the day it hit 71.9 on calmer water with little wind.

My thought is that water temp and being at sea level caused the boat to run faster but I don't know? It was surprising to see a 2mph difference in speed. I'm still a total noob on boat performance and curious what your experiences have been.