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Topic subjectHuddleston Deluxe Grass Minnow Exposed
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3743, Huddleston Deluxe Grass Minnow Exposed
Posted by Matt Peters, Sat Feb-27-10 08:50 AM
Hey Fellas:

I put together a little video clip fishing the Grass Minnow on Okeechobee, and posted it to YouTube. I was sorta trying to keep it low profile, until after my last tournament there. Savvy YouTubers might have already found it, or saw it related to my Bull Shad clip. Anyway, for those who haven't:


Three boys I know are throwing it on the Big O today (Bob Wood, leading the coangler divison, Brad Rutherford representing Young Harries College and Jake Gipson representing the University of Florida), the final day/FLW College Fishing. I missed the top 10 cut by 10 ounces but have a decent excuse that my motor blew up yesterday at 11am.

I'm cracking up even writing what I'm about to say, because its complete full circle stuff. A guy in Florida giving swimbait advice to the West Coast, and CA more specifically. Fish the grass minnow on braid. Don't be afraid to try it. If I was fishing the Delta, Clear Lake, Otay, LMV, Santa Margarita....(drawing a blank on other lakes with grass but you get the idea). Okeechobee is super clear water in the grass. The braid just sticks the fish way good and fishes the bait in the grass proper. You can throw it over and thru the thick stuff with no worries. Yes, you can try floro and if you miss a bunch of fish or not getting it done, switch to braid, but I'm telling you, even in clear water, braid will get bit. Take a black permanent marker and keep the first 3 feet of your line black as your braid fades and lightens up. Its pretty much the best of frog fishing and swimbait fishing synthesized into one.


3744, RE: Huddleston Deluxe Grass Minnow Exposed
Posted by Lake, Sun Feb-28-10 05:52 PM
and I was hoping you wouldnt bring this up for a couple months :+

wishful thinking. that bait gets bit and will kill on the delta and clear lake
3745, RE: Huddleston Deluxe Grass Minnow Exposed
Posted by Baitmunk, Mon Mar-01-10 12:04 AM
Already am throwing them on braid myself. Need a few more and will be throwing them a ton down here in SD....:7 :P :9
3746, RE: Huddleston Deluxe Grass Minnow Exposed
Posted by Matt Peters, Mon Mar-01-10 04:54 PM
Sorry Lake, Carpe Diem I think is the term....I've got work to do!!!! I aint gonna secure my 2011 season by doing nothing in the 2010 season.

3747, RE: Huddleston Deluxe Grass Minnow Exposed
Posted by Lake, Mon Mar-01-10 05:00 PM
I know man, just givin you a hard time