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Topic subjectRE: Prop Recommendation?
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3728, RE: Prop Recommendation?
Posted by swimbait, Sun Jan-10-10 09:03 PM
Zaldain lent me his 25p Fury and we ran it yesterday. It was nice but not amazing. My RPMs were the same at 5500. The hole shot felt crisper for sure, very punchy. On the top end I got 1 to 2mph. The way McClure is right now we could never get a really clean run in. There were a lot of boat wakes bouncing back and forth across the lake.

Top speed with 2 guys, livewell, tackle, and 1/2 tank of fuel was 69.9mph. The boat chine walked a little more than before. Probably directly a result of going faster. Would like to try a 24p and a 26p to see how those compare as well.